• Citi's Saunders to join Bank of England as rate-setter
  • Irish debt agency eyes inflation-linked, dollar bonds by 2020
  • Daimler says German labour rules may push new tech jobs abroad
  • UK lawmakers to review new capital requirements for banks
  • ISS advises investors to oppose Anglo American executive pay report
  • Despite pay revolt, BP shareholders sticking with Dudley
  • Mahindra looks north after UK electric car launch
  • Oil falls on low expectations for Doha meeting
  • Beyond the tulip fields, Dutch flower market draws tourists
  • G20 finance leaders under pressure to boost growth
  • Citi profit slumps on weak trading, investment banking revenue
  • Lufthansa makes new offer to pilots in pay row
  • Aeroflot in talks with potential JV partners -deputy CEO
  • EU to discuss capping banks' sovereign debt exposure -document
  • Browser startup Vivaldi says needs 5 million users to turn profit
  • BP to supply LNG to Indonesia's PLN to 2033 under new contract
  • Thyssenkrupp wants active role in any steel mergers
  • India suspends passport of embattled tycoon Mallya
  • Housebuilders hamper FTSE
  • U.S. says China to scrap some export subsidies

Case Studies

BWC Performance Case Studies

1) Safety Performance Improvement – Corus Steel Works , Redcar North East England


  • 50% reduction in recordable injury rates over a 12 month period to Corus & contractor employees

Project Overview : As part of the Corus drive to improve safety performance BWC worked with Corus at their Teesside Site over a 12-month period. The project initially focused on changing beliefs and expectations and then on the deployment of a variety of tools such as an Audit-4-Zero system; new root cause analysis techniques and different approaches to induction and permit to work. These were cascaded top down through the organisation via mentoring / coaching out in the workplace in order to really change behaviours. This resulted in some impressive reductions to injury levels.


"At Corus safety is a number one priority, and we are always looking to make improvements to our safety performance. We were pleased to adopt the BWC System as it presented us with a fresh perspective on employee safety monitoring and injury investigations."
- David Mulligan, Corus Teesside Environment, Health and Safety Manager

2) Business & Safety Improvement – CimSA Cement Complex, Mersin, South East Turkey


  • 8% improvement in output
  • 10% reduction in fixed costs
  • 90% reduction in lost time injuries

    (All over 12 months)  

Project Overview:

An assessment identified a number of opportunities to accelerate the CimSA improvement plans and to further reduce injuries, increase output and reduce costs. Over a 12-month period BWC worked closely with the Site leadership team and introduced a variety of tools, techniques and processes. These included strategic flowdown, aligned control / visual reporting system, high performance workteams, defect elimination, downtime system, root cause analysis, safety behavioural auditing, near-miss reporting, operational discipline and standards improvement.


"BWC stretched our views of what could be achieved on our site and then worked with us to change behaviours at all levels. As a result we delivered some major improvements in safety, output and cost. 6 years on we continue to benefit from the tools / techniques that BWC introduced"
- Mehmet Hacikamiloglu, General Manager, CimSA Cement Company, Turkey

3) Site Strategy and Alignment – Syngenta Manufacturing Site, Huddersfield Site, UK


  • Aligned and Refocused Team
  • Improved project selection process
  • Performance Focus strategy

Project Overview: BWC worked with Syngenta Site team to accelerate their performance improvement plans via a variety of targeted workshops and coaching / mentoring of the senior team. BWC deployed the Strategic Flowdown Process and helped introduce an Aligned Control and Reporting system. In addition various workshops focused on shifting strategy and behaviours onto performance improvement over the medium term rather than short term cost cutting.


"We were particularly impressed with the Flowdown tool. It was a new concept to us and it has helped focus our efforts by providing a clear line of sight between Business objectives and day to day activities. Everyone can see how their contribution adds value"
- Alistair Conn, Site Manager, Syngenta Huddersfield

4) 6 Sigma Deployment – Sabanci Group, Turkey


  • 30 Black Belts Training
  • Savings of $1.5M in year 1

Project Overview:

As part of the Sabanci Group Business Improvement strategy the leadership team selected Lean Sigma as the key methodology. BWC visited all the principal sites in order to assess current performance levels and organisational culture and as a result tailored the lean Sigma deployment to focus on the major opportunities. Two waves of black belt training were delivered with 30 trainees trained to Black belt level.
On-site coaching and mentoring of the Black belts and the various local leadership teams was provided in order to ensure a successful deployment.


5) Project to Improve Cost and Output Performance at PET Recycling facility , Beaune, France


  • Increased responsibilities / Involvement at shopfloor level
  • Clear targets at all levels with Variation against target corrected quickly
  • Streamlined and Refocused Meeting structure

Project Overview:

In order to improve productivity and reduce costs BWC introduced a streamlined reporting and control system that provided key hour / shift targets for the operating teams that cascaded up to daily / weekly / monthly targets. Based on the Forecast > Plan > Execute > Control > Report cycle this served to push responsibilities downwards. Variation against target could then be corrected on a rapid timeframe rather than waiting for the Daily management meetings.