• Citi's Saunders to join Bank of England as rate-setter
  • Irish debt agency eyes inflation-linked, dollar bonds by 2020
  • Daimler says German labour rules may push new tech jobs abroad
  • UK lawmakers to review new capital requirements for banks
  • ISS advises investors to oppose Anglo American executive pay report
  • Despite pay revolt, BP shareholders sticking with Dudley
  • Mahindra looks north after UK electric car launch
  • Oil falls on low expectations for Doha meeting
  • Beyond the tulip fields, Dutch flower market draws tourists
  • G20 finance leaders under pressure to boost growth
  • Citi profit slumps on weak trading, investment banking revenue
  • Lufthansa makes new offer to pilots in pay row
  • Aeroflot in talks with potential JV partners -deputy CEO
  • EU to discuss capping banks' sovereign debt exposure -document
  • Browser startup Vivaldi says needs 5 million users to turn profit
  • BP to supply LNG to Indonesia's PLN to 2033 under new contract
  • Thyssenkrupp wants active role in any steel mergers
  • India suspends passport of embattled tycoon Mallya
  • Housebuilders hamper FTSE
  • U.S. says China to scrap some export subsidies

ZERO Harm & Safety Contacts

Safety Contacts:     

  1. Machinery Hazards & Risks      ....click on title to access Safety Contact
  2. The Risks of Single Isolation Valves !
  3. Hot Work Part 1
  4. Hot Work Part 2

NHS OfferingsDriving your organisation to ZERO...

Question: Why bother driving to ZERO-Harm?

Response: Not only do we have a morale responsibility to lead and manage sites, factories, organisations where people arent getting hurt (plus of course legal responsibilities!) but there are hard financial aspects. A lost time injury will cost you on average £25K direct from the bottom line. So a site with 5 lost time injuries per year and operating at 5% margins will need to £2.5M of sales revenue just to cover the injuries ! Case studies go further and show direct correlations between injuries and productivity (Uptime , unit costs etc).Finally across all the 100+ sites that we have been involved in assessing we are yet to visit a site operating at levels of world class performance and still having lost time injuries. So the case for driving to ZERO is very strong.....

1) Manufacturing & Construction - many Senior Managers talk about their employees being their most valuable asset but still continue to lead and manage sites and factories where serious injuries occur all too frequently. At BWC we believe that it is all about behaviours ......if your people are not looking after themselves / colleagues and having injuries then they certainly wont be looking after your machines, equipment, product quality, customers etc etc.  

2) Process Industries - gets more complicated here as we need to consider "process" or "technical" safety in addition to hard hat safety. Here we have the risks associated with a major fire or explosion or toxic gas release. Lower probability but huge consequences. (Piper Alpha, Texas City, Bhopal ). Here we see multiple fatlities and only major corporations stay in business after such an incident. It isnt just an issue for the big boys though - many smaller process companies have similar risks but havent yet adopted the appopriate systems.

3) Health Industry - only in the last 25 years has the health industry really started to focus on the issue of errors and harm. Recent research suggested that levels of harm range from 3-25% in acute care. In the worst case that is a 1 in 4 chance that you come out of hospital worse than you went in !. However zero harm is certainly possible within healthcare building on the learning, experiences and practices that have been adopted in industries like the airline, oil& gas and chemicals. Our 1 day workshop entiltled "Zero-Harm...learning from the airline and process industries" has been well received. Both public and in-house versions are available 

If you want BWC to assess where you are on the journey to ZERO-HARM please get in touch. In many cases we offer a free diagnostic or initial assessment.